Medical freezers

Medical freezers

Most people who are just beginning to learn about the diversifications of fridges realize the distinctions between fridges. The laboratory fridge has apparent differences with the domestic one in our homes and commercial places like restaurants. A refrigerator is a significant electrical investment that you should be confident about before handing over money.  

What are medical freezers?

These fridges store scientific projects and medical equipment and materials such as medicine. They have shallow temperatures to retain the chemical composition and biological wiring. DNA will undergo massive changes with constant change in heat and cold; hence, it has to be in shallow temperatures until the next scientific exam.


Medical freezers are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. They also differ in the volume available in the interior of the fridge, technological infusion, and separation using shelves. Freezer Concepts stocks the following medical fridges:

  • Ultra-low temp freezers
  • Low temp freezers
  • Lab freezers
  • Upright lab freezers
  • Three-door upright freezers

The best fit

There is not one single freezer that is better than the next. The upright fridge will take up less space on the ground and hold a significant amount of storage. Other models like the chest freezer are convenient for storing items that need consistently cold temperatures because of their ability to maintain a steady level despite opening and closing of the lid. One would have to go through the specifications of each one to find the perfect fit for the job.

The medical freezer also has the capability of maintaining different temperatures for different zones in the fridge. Opening the doors will not reduce the heat as drastic it would happen when opening the domestic refrigerator. Medical refrigerators have more secured lock systems, while domestic ones will mostly require a key.

What are domestic fridges, and how do they vary with the medical one?

Household fridges have a considerably higher temperature range. The stored items do not require such a cold environment. Unlike the medical version, these fridges will rarely have frost, unless the model’s manufacturing allows the formation of it at low temperatures.

Most people do not require the superior power of the medical fridge. They are, however learning about their diversified functions.


Most household freezers do not vary a lot when it comes to shape and volume. The biggest ones will be available in business areas while domestic fridges will range in the same size bracket. They mostly have a freezer at the top or bottom compartment, which has lower temperatures than the other part of the fridge. You can find domestic refrigerators in any store outlet such as Walmart or specific electronic shops.

The best fit

These fridges have so many technological innovations. The significant difference between their functionality with the medical freezer is that one can adjust the temperature manually using buttons of software apps. The medical freezer has an alarm system that notifies the user about any small change in temperature. You will find these fridges in medical-related premises such as the hospital. You

Medical freezers
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Medical freezers
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