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Very Impressive Work
Mr. Potter, I just wanted to drop you a quick message to inform you of how pleased I am with the work your employees completed for us earlier this month. I found Steven, Mat, and your contracted electrician Ryan to be professional and polite. Use of covers to protect the floors was most appreciated. The furnace unit and A/C condenser installs and utility connections were done after consultation with myself regarding placement. I was impressed by Steven’s communication skills in keeping me informed of the progress and equipment operation. I will refer others to your company without reservation. If you would be so good as to forward this to your Costco contact for me, it would be most appreciated. Good form, gentlemen.

Regards, - Bob L.

Find the Right Air Conditioning for Your Home in Kelowna

Choose the Right Air Conditioning in Kelowna
When your air conditioning system breaks down, you’re faced with the decision to either repair or replace it. Deciding what to do is a balancing act between using money to fix what you already have or investing in a new system.

At Coral Home Comfort, we supply you with air conditioning in Kelowna that best fits your needs. Since 1992, our company has been crunching numbers to determine whether repairing or replacing is the most cost effective solution for you.

Replacing Your Air Conditioner
There comes a point when your air conditioning unit isn’t cutting it anymore, and it may be time to replace it. Air conditioners are one of the most significant modern comforts in our homes. So it’s important to make sure you install the right one. To find the most efficient unit for your home, we consider a unit's size, special features, warranty, energy efficiency, and more.

At Coral Home Comfort, we offer the following line of Lennox® air conditioning products:

Repairing Your Air Conditioner
Our technicians are trained and certified to provide reliable service to machines that don’t need to be replaced just yet. Hiring our technicians to check your air conditioning also helps ensure the system is working at its peak.

If your home cooling system does malfunction or break down, it is important to have a company you trust to perform repairs. If your system whistles or doesn't cool your home effectively, repair work needs to be completed as soon as possible. If you wait too long, you may be forced to replace it.

At Coral Home Comfort, we check proper refrigerant levels, test for leaks, inspect electrical work, and clean connections.

Contact Us
At Coral Home Comfort, we understand the importance of feeling comfortable in your home. Whether you need to repair or replace your air conditioning system, contact us at 250-861-1933 for a free estimate.
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